Burgoo Review

Burgoo 01Vancouver jumped straight into winter all of a sudden and you know what that means, time for some comfort food! So on a cold sunny Saturday afternoon, Mr. H and I went to Burgoo because it’s one of those places I think of when I get comfort food cravings.

Dining experience:

Burgoo is all about comfort food and it comes through in their décor. It has an unpretentious, laid-back, and homey feel to it. It’s perfect for a group of friends getting together and would also work for a casual date.

Burgoo has always been a busy place and I can’t really recall a time when I’ve been there where I didn’t have to wait for a table. Our wait this time, just a little past peak lunch hour, was only about 10 minutes.

Our server was friendly and attentive. In fact, 20 minutes after ordering, she came and let us know that our food would be coming soon, which materialized after another 5 minutes. A 25-minute wait for a soup and sandwich isn’t quick, but being a comfort food place on a busy Saturday, it’s certainly acceptable.


Burgoo 03

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup – 2.5/5
“With warm spices and sweet maple syrup, finished with roasted hazelnuts”

$7.50/cup or $16 with a Sandwich

The soup was a beautiful bright orange what would lift most spirits. When I took my first spoonful, I immediately got tiny pieces of hazelnut that was scattered in the soup. The hazelnut added a good nutty flavour to the soup. I would’ve liked a stronger presence of the maple because I barely tasted any. The soup itself was just alright and could have been more flavourful.

Burgoo 02

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich – 2.5/5
“Shredded braised pork with our down home barbecue sauce and house made coleslaw, served on a brioche bun”

$13/cup or $16 with soup

Right when I picked up the sandwich I knew the brioche was going to be wonderfully soft, and it did not disappoint. Although Burgoo doesn’t make their bread in house, they certainly picked a good source. The pulled pork was moist and it was served with a side of their house-made BBQ sauce, which was tangy and smoky. The sandwich as a whole lacked depth, and needed more savouriness and perhaps also some citrus to lift the flavours.

Burgoo 05

Sunset Corn and Chicken Soup

Sunset Corn and Chicken – 5/5
“Corn, chicken and light cream spiked with chipotle and cumin, finished with crema fresca and cilantro”

$8/cup or $16 with a Sandwich

I’m gonna be direct, you need to order this soup. It was absolutely fabulous and I wish I was the one that ordered it instead of Mr. H. The flavours were clean and balanced with a very good hit of chipotle and cumin. It had that je ne sais quoi about it that made me want to eat a whole pot of it!

Burgoo 04

Burgoo Clubhouse

Burgoo Clubhouse – 3.5/5
“Roast chicken, bacon, tomato and cucumber with our housemade onion marmalade, served open faced on toasted filone”

$13/cup or $16 with soup

Filone is an Italian yeast bread that has a similar crumb and texture to French baguette. Like the brioche, the filone isn’t made in house but it was a decent piece of bread with a good chew and tasted nice. The sandwich was very fresh and I was able to distinctly taste every single component. The ingredients and flavours were well-balanced, yet surprisingly, I didn’t find the combination of ingredients complemented each other to take the sandwich to another level. It was kind if as if they were all singing their own song. Nonetheless, with fresh ingredients like this, you really can’t go too wrong. Mr. H clearly enjoyed this sandwich.

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Burgoo on Urbanspoon

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