Chocolate Shortbread with Crushed Pistachios Recipe

Chocolate Shortbread with Crushed PistachiosThere are recipes, and then there are goooood recipes. These cookies look and taste so elegant, they would make the perfect Christmas gifts for co-workers, family and friends. I loved how they are not overly sweet, yet you still get a good hit of chocolate and nuttiness from the pistachios. And the best thing? They really do crumble in your mouth!

It was such a perfect recipe that I didn’t have to change a thing! So instead of copying and pasting it here, I’m gonna send you over to where the magic originated, The Roaming Kitchen!

Instead of crushing the pistachios with a mortar and pestle, I did it the good ol’ barbaric way, I put them in a bag and bashed them with the base of my frying pan. You can also try using your rolling pin and roll over them (in a bag so they’re not flying). And of course, a mortar and pestle works fine too should you choose to be civilized and proper.

When you give them a go, and pleaseeeee promise that you will, make sure you keep a good eye on the shortbread in the oven. Aside from the possibility of people me coming to steal them from your oven, you really don’t want them to burn like I did with my second batch. They were burnt in 10 minutes! Not that it stopped me from popping a bunch before I shed a few tears and waved goodbye…hey, in my defence, I needed to make sure they were beyond repair…besides, some weren’t as badly burned and I convinced myself that the slight bitterness was dark chocolate. I stand by my argument!

HEALTH WARNING: Consumption of burnt food may increase the risk of cancer. Please try to use restraint and walk away, or better yet, don’t burn them!


Chocolate Shortbread with Crushed Pistachios Nutrition

Per each of 65 Shortbread


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